NEW Judy GARLAND recordings

Unreleased, private recordings from the collection of JOHN MEYER, whose memoir, Heartbreaker, details his tumultuous affair with the star.

JOHN narrates his story, which features:

1) JUDY at an after-hours party, singing, telling stories and doing a satiric impression of Marlene Dietrich.

2) Five out-takes of JOHN’S song, I’d Like to Hate Myself in the Morning, from JUDY’S London booking at The Talk of the Town. Plus one complete performance.

3) JUDY on the phone with booker BOB SHANKS of the Merv Griffin TV show.

3a) JUDY on the phone with arranger MORT LINDSEY.

4) JOHN on the phone with composer HAROLD ARLEN ("Over the Rainbow"). Arlen advises how to deal with JUDY.

5) JOHN’S tribute song to JUDY, "When Do the Words come True?" Sung by MARGARET WHITING.

Reviews / Comments

Just received the double CD yesterday and it's a fascinating look at the last months of Garland's life & artistry. I felt like I was a fly on the wall, listening to Garland & Meyer at the piano, singing songs, bits of funny banter, and just having fun & kibitzing! A few of the Talk of the Town performances are different than the ones issued on the 1969 Juno album, and it's quite interesting to hear the subtle changes and nuances that Garland employs to these familiar songs. Also, the narration from John is great, tying this wonderful audio document together. I've owned John's book, "Heartbreaker", since it was first published, and this double CD set is a fantastic audio compliment to his book. Thanks for sharing this special time in your life with us all John!! ~ Louis A. Steidl, New Jersey
John! I'm half way through Disk 2. This is wonderful. It's better than any movie could ever be. It's like a time machine. It's another brilliant Meyer Miracle from '68. I will post a wonderful review when I get all the words just right for such a special event. In the meantime I'll be ordering another one to send to Armand "The Garland Exchange" DiNucci. It's awesome John. ~ Robert Spileos, Miami

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